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  YOOGLE has developed a new type of surface treatment process used to provide pre coating metal strips for the production of electronic components,this is a coil to coil process which with high adhesion and high purity ultra-thin metal film can be coated on the base material (stainless steel ). This with a thin metal layer of stainless steel strip is YOOGLE F-Conticoating technology.The coating has excellent adhesion, YOOGLE F-Conticoating can bending, forming but coating will not fall off.Another unique feature is that it can be coated only on one side at one time or with different coatings on the opposite side. These characteristics have great advantages over traditional techniques.

F-Conticoating advantage:

 in the process of  manufacturing metal components of traditional electronic equipment,it requires multiple suppliers to complete, and needs more additional costs (such as subcontract, logistics, warehousing, sorting, quality control etc.), using F-Conticoating (i.e. continuous coating in vacuum environment) technology products in the future,  those metal components can directly punching or forming and get the needed parts.

2)  For a better quality


The ultra-thin metal film formed on the stainless steel belt has uniform thickness and strong adhesion, and meets various requirement  

3) Less weight



Using F-Conticoating technology in stainless steel substrate, copper alloy can replace conventional elastic materials (e.g., phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, copper nickel zinc alloy, stainless steel accounted for about 7.93g/cm3 density, while the density of copper alloy is about 8.8g/cm3, if using stainless steel can save about 10% of the material, at the same time, the modulus of elasticity stainless steel is much higher than that of copper alloy, if fix a elastic modulus, stainless steel substrate with less about 22%.

4) Better products performance

   The elastic modulus, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the stainless steel substrate are better than those of copper based alloy, and the surface coating can also obtain good properties (wear resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity)

5) Environment friendly process

    Conticoating is a coating technology in a vacuum environment. All production processes are clean and sanitary.


 Our main products

▍ Coating film

 Read More+A variety of metal film categories to meet different characteristics, requirements, details, and learning

▍ Material basic

 Read More+ Stainless steel base material to meet different mechanical properties and corrosion resistance requirements


 F-Conticoating  product feature

● The substrate has good flatness

● The coating will not cause residual stresses

●  many kinds of base material multiple choice

● The coating never falls off even during the stamping process

● save cost

● reliable quality

● Big Recycling value



 YOOGLE provides a wide variety of metal coatings and substrates, and its range of applications is very broad.

   application mobile phone,PC,power battery, touch button, Mobile communication base station,connecting piece and all kinds of shielding components;

 Conductors, semiconductors, and insulators are applied according to electric Resistance

 wear resistance and hardness is divided into hard and hard state.


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