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   Shanghai Yoogle metal technology Co.,Ltd(Yoogle brand) found in 2008,Our factory locate in Jinshan industrial zone ,Shanghai ,China.Holding by Naut company in 2015. In the market of the professional mirror metal, we are distinguished by long experience and traditions. Always searching and studying for innovative solutions concerning the high-end decoration and functional application requirements, ensuring the highest standards of reliability and efficiency,We are keeping a focus on technology upgrading, Especially focus on super wide and very thin mirror metal sheet and strips.Our harmonious team have knowledge and passion for mirror business , careful to capture all the different aspects of the world of the professional mirror metal which is always evolving, allows us to look to the future with confidence and optimism.

    Our excellent product and service are provided to a lot of  the famous companies in the worldwide, more understanding and learning  our all by  Email


YOOGLE’s product series are very wealth and professional,  our main business is covered as follows:                 

    ▍Super mirror metal sheet&strips polishing 

    ▍Super mirror finish metal coating film(PVD,anodizing)

    ▍Integrated processing and innovative solution for mirror metal

    ▍High-quality materials(stainless steel,aluminum,titanium,etc)                                                                                      


▍A variety of metal materials can be make mirror finish(eg.SS,Al,Ti,etc)

▍Advanced polish equipment and technology

▍Reliable supply capacity

▍Have a test center for all of the new product and project

▍Turn-key projects

▍ ……



   Efforts to develop the more deep processing technology, and strive to Yoogle brand as a pioneer and leader in nano scale mirror metal technology.


  At Yoogle,You will find the deal product and service, please try to approach for us.To be a good partner with us,Maybe you get more surprise .

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