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Contcoating® is a kind of special coating process based on the mirror finished metal strip,with a colorful shiny metal film and unique plastic film on the metal surface ,These films has excellent corrosion resistance and hardest surface.Even during bending or stamping to any shape ,coating film is not easy to peel off from metal.we can provide a variety of colors (such as bright black, bright gray, bright blue, etc.), color bright metal surface is luxury, high-grade, personalized demand for beauty, can be used anywhere (such as inside and outside the car Decorations, consumer electronics, home appliances, buildings, etc.).

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Yoogle provide bright colored metal strip or sheet made by physical vapor deposition (PVD) and Metal and plastic film composite. the whole process of manufacturing is not break to environment. the finished products is very environmentally and friendly, will not make twice pollution to the environment, the strategy of long-term management as our company goal.

Type of basic material Type of final surface
stainless steelaluminum alloytitanium alloy PVD coated metal filmMetal and plastic film composite

According todifferent requirements of designers, as well as different use in the working condition, Yoogle provide more metal grades, colors and surface to you more information when you need high-end trim or unique idea ; we also can give you more advice for some certain functional application, Because our many years experience and technologies in metal surface treatment will sure make an important contribution to your needs. We offer the color not only in the following picture shows.

Stainless steel grade Aluminum alloy grade
304P-BA8436LP-BA8316LP-BA8442P-BA8430J1LP-BA8…… 3004P-BA85052P-BA86061P-BA87075P-BA8……
 Surface finish  BA8  Manufacturing standard  JIS-G4305ASTM-A240MGB/T 3280-2015

图片4 图片5 

bright blue                   sand-blasted black               sand-blasted gray                   bright gold           bright black

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