coated metal strip properties

ConticoatingTM  properties

According to different usage requirements, we can make all kinds of coating for the No.8 surface of stainless steel and aluminum alloy strip. We offer coated metal strips or sheets that can be used for extreme functional industry and high-end  trim purposes,ConticoatingTM  technology improve  the surface hardness and wear resistance are obvious feature.



   Take an example of stainless steel 304 is used to compare with before   and after conticoatingTM

    图片10   图片11

                 Before                                                                 After

 For surface hardness

  QQ截图20170522145036                    QQ截图20170522145045

 For salt spray test

   QQ截图20170522145155                   QQ截图20170522145204

 For adhesion test

 At yoogle here. Advanced continuous vacuum coating equipment and cleaning technology ,they are make sure  to provide extremely strong adhesion  metal strips and sheets to our users.

 图片12  QQ截图20170522145359

Adhesion Test Procedure for ConticoatingTM metal sheet and strip


Whatever our products  application for functional  requirements or a wide range of trim aspects, please be sure to tell your true purpose or working condition. be cause Yoogle engineers  have a solve solution ability for your need,  at the same time, we’ll  also provide some samples for you to confirm.

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