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Yoogle is a high-tech enterprise with continuous efforts in mirror metal design, development, production and sales, to lead the industry development create more profits, business opportunities, bring more qualified products for our clients, and perfect professional solutions.

Reflective aluminum or “lighting sheet” has a mirror like surface and is made from high purity aluminum with specific psychometric qualities to control light.Yoogle super mirror polished Aluminum sheets also can use in light and solar industry,Its high reelection, cheaper and easier to maintain is your best choice. Aluminum reflects about 90 percent of the light across the visible spectrum Aluminum is fairly stable as a mirror,

Mirror aluminum is a special treatment of aluminum.Its bright and clean on the surface,such as the mirror, the oxide layer on the aluminum itself to play a protective role, with hardness, high reflection, light texture wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance. The unique oxide layer can absorb a variety of colors. Yoogle mirror aluminum has the following technical features.more convenient for users to control the quality of products, achieve good high rate and reduce costs, increase revenue.

Mirrored aluminum is widely used in the electronics industry. It has the advantages of moderate hardness, easy folding and forming, and continuous high speed stamping. bring the perfect combination of high surface hardness, highlight the modern metal sense and perfect visual effect

Yoogle focus on the lighting industry, solar energy industry, to provide high-quality reflective materials, through a special surface treatment and high reflection of adhesion, with high reflection, no bubbles, static electricity.



Mirror finish aluminum features

●Very light weight

●High reflection

●Easy to forming

●Good surface and smooth , no scratch , no needle eye etc

●After PVD coated surface are wear resistance , oxidation resistance,be suit to more functional needs(eg. Optical,power,reflection,etc)

●Long service life

In the application of functional requirements, such as: lighting, solar heat collection, solar power, light pipe, heat, reflection, etc.. Lighting

solar power,solar heating,light pipe,reflection etc

▓When efficiency is paramount is you strategy,yoogle coated mirror aluminum is your material.
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