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At Yoogle company.we can provide the super mirror polishing for metal strip and sheet, All of the super mirror technologies from Yoogle independent invented ,Mirror finished metal includes stainless steel ,aluminum alloy ,titanium alloy,Main application for high-end decorative and functional requirements .If you have Specific need of  mirror finished metal ,care it is plate or strip, thickness, Width, metal grade or other needs, you will  find  the best answer and solution in YOOGLE here, more learn for our products,please don’t hesitated contact us directly


YOOGLE super mirror stainless steel at a glance

▍prefect surfaceNo needle eye,orange peel,scratch,rolling line, color aberration,etc

▍Very smooth ,roughness low to 0.007um(Ra)

▍High reflective

▍Good glossiness

▍Good flatness,No water wave

▍No dirt and dust on surface






Our scope of supply for mirror finished metal    







  Sheet,strip and made of user needs

              Mirror finish

Mirror finish grade

No8,Super NO.8 international standard)


1000 to 1800(GU)


0.006um to 0.03um (Ra)

Reflection rate

80% to 95%

Water wave

No water wave

                     Material Grade

Stainless steel

Aluminum alloy

Titanium alloy



              mechanical properties

 Stainless steel

SUS304,316L,430,444,436,630, etc

   Mechanical properties

Tensile strength  460~1600N/mm2

Yield strength    430-1500

Elongation        8~55%

 Hardness value  180-600HV

 Hardness grade  ANN,1/2H,3/4H,FH,SH

Flatness         ≤2mm/m2

Aluminum alloy3003,3004,5052,6061,7075


O to super hard

Titanium alloyTA1,TA2 etc

O to super hard

Notice :Manufacturing standard byGB,JIS,AISI,ASTM

Mirror finish aluminum features

▋Very light weight

▋high reflectivity

▋easy to forming

▋Good surface and smooth , no scratch , no needle eye etc

▋After PVD coated surface are wear resistance , oxidation resistance

▋after PVD coated film will be suit to more functional needs(eg. Optical,power,reflection,etc)

▋long life

▋ Good flatness
In the YOOGLE production workshop, we have volume of the mirror grinding and polishing production line,to make coils to coils or sheets to sheets. and also ultra-wide mirror grinding and polishing production line, to meet different thickness, width and length of the above needs.

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