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Supper-mirror-polished steel belts for sheet and film production

Yoogle knows that mirror stainless steel belt will be used as a recycling mode, which will directly effect  user’s product result. Only strict operation process, advanced processing technology, advanced detection means and excellent manufacturing equipment will meet the functional equipment.

Yoogle focus on the quality of the beginning, the middle process details, and the final installation and trial run, which all has a detailed solution

Excellent anti-tensile strength
The lowest surface roughness can reach to Ra 0.008um
No scratches, needle, orange peel and other adverse phenomenon
Excellent flatness
No obvious aberration phenomenon
High degree of finish
Smooth operation, without deviation
High precision(provision including the treated welding joint area 



 Typical applications

  • Optical thin film
  • Electronic Thin Films (PP, PI, PVC,)
  • Degradable film (PVA)
  • Medical filtering membrane, Pregnancy test film etc
  • Memory film, solar cell membrane, substrate material
  • High end paper making
  • Fibrous material and other


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