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Yoogle mirror technologies will lead to the auto decoration future


Stainless steel SUS304-BA8

SUS304-BA8 is a kind of Austenitic stainless steel with high gloss,its chemical properties is same to JIS standard SUS304,the steel has a good corrosion resistance,anti aging and heat resistance,easy molding to different shape in no matter low or normal or even high temperature.And also has a bright clean,fine and smooth surface

Stainless steel SUS442-BA8

SUS304-BA8 is high glossiness ferrite stainless steel,this grade of steel is improved based on SUS430,mainly to increase Cr content,so to achieve the purpose of better corrosion resistance,this kind of steel is easy to cold forming,can be use as parts of auto body trim piece or electric appliance

Stainless steel SUS436-BA8

SUS436-BA8 is a ferrite stainless steel,this kind of steel with no Nickel(Ni) components,sometimes also contain a little Mo,Ti,Nb and other elements,meanwhile,it has good heat conductivity,small expansion coefficient,good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistant.Most can use for those anti-atmosphere,water vapor,water and other strong oxidation resistance and corrosion resistanc steel trim parts

Stainless steel SUS316L-BA8

SUS316L BA8 is a high gloss austenitic stainless steel, which oppose best excellent corrosion resistance and low impurities among all the austenitic stainless steel.its also easy cold forming to mold into parts

Our mirror finish SUS316L-BA8 is a flat,smooth,high gloss,low roughness,with no sand eye,white spot,is suitable for high end of automobile body decoration


Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Finish  

In the Automotive industry,Yoogle developed a variety of No 8 mirror polished stainless steel car body decoration products,such as body side trimming,bumper trim,tailgate trim

Our mirror finish stainless steel for car body decoration grade include type 304 316L,442,436, for decorative trim pieces

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